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A tidy home for unexpected guest visits

It happens to all of us at one time or another. Unexpected company arrives at your doorstep and instead of greeting your friend happily, you’re caught worrying about the disarray of your home. Check out these 3 easy steps to keep your home looking tidy, between major cleans, so that you can sit back and enjoy your surprise visitors.

1. Clear the clutter.

A home can quickly look untidy when there is an excess amount of clutter on countertops, tables and other surfaces, especially as the week progresses and more items are added to the piles of clutter. Before you go to bed each night, take 10 minutes to clear all items off of surfaces and load your dishwasher. Repeating this everyday will keep items from piling up over the week! Bonus tip: If you’re finding that a specific item is left out over and over again, like your child’s backpack on the kitchen table, look to find it a permanent home. Create a cubby for your child.

2. Wipe down surfaces.

Once your table or counter is clear of clutter, a quick wipe-down can help keep your home looking (and smelling) great! Use your favourite disinfectant spray and a Scotch-Brite® Dusting Cloth to help get rid of dust, crumbs or other particles that can make your home look dirty.

3. Don’t forget the floors.

Consider investing in a small, cordless vacuum for a quick clean after mealtime. It’s half the effort of a traditional vacuum, but can help cut down on dust and dirt from your floors in-between your regular vacuuming schedule.

Follow these three easy steps and you’ll be rolling out your welcome mat in no time! If you’re looking for some more tips to keep your home clean during your busy week, check out Everything Mom’s tips for cutting your cleaning time in half!

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