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  2. Scotch-Brite™ Brand
  3. Uses & Tips
  4. Replace your sponge at least every 3 weeks
Photo of a scotch-brite heavy duty scrub sponge

A clean you can feel good about.

Scotch-Brite® is long-lasting, but eventually you’ll need to part ways with your scrub sponge. For the most effective scrubbing, we recommend replacing it at least every 3 weeks.

Photo of a new Scotch-Brite heavy duty scrub sponge next to a worn, 3-week old heavy duty scrub sponge

Know when it’s time.

If your once sleek scrubber is looking worn, or you find yourself working harder to scrub that last trace of yesterday’s dinner, it’s time to grab a new sponge.

image of text saying that it’s time to replace a sponge when it’s worn, torn, stained
Image of a 3 week old scotch-brite heavy duty scrub sponge next to a tattered, 3-week old generic brand srub sponge

You can get a lot done in 3 weeks. So can Scotch-Brite®.

They may look similar, but not all sponges can tackle 3 weeks of scrubbing. A generic sponge can leave you working harder and replacing your sponge more often. Scotch-Brite® is the reliable and long-lasting scrubber up to the task.