Water as a Cleaner

Water as a Cleaner

  • Water (aka H2O) is a key ingredient to nearly every cleaning strategy.

Here’s our cheat sheet on what type of water works best for what.

  • Hot

    Good for water-based, perspiration and tannin-based stains such as coffee, wine, juices, grease and oil.
    Why it works: Hot water warms fats and oils making it easier for detergent to dissolve the stains away.

Hot Water
  • Cold

    Works for protein stains such as milk, eggs or blood.
    Why it works: Hot water will “set” a protein stain into the fabric.

  • Ice

    Harden soft stains, such as drips of candle wax on your tablecloth, to make them easier to remove.
    How to use it: Hold an ice cube on the wax until it hardens and scrape the wax off the surface of the fabric, then wash.

  • Distilled

    Use water that’s been purified of excess minerals in your steam irons and clothes steamers.
    Why it works: There are no mineral deposits to stain clothing or build up inside the appliances.

  • Carbonated

    It’s thought that the water’s weak acidity slows the discoloration of red wine and pet urine stains on fabric while the effervescence “lifts” them away.
    How to use it: Pour club soda on the stain as soon as possible, and then soak up with paper towels.

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