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Summer Messes and How to Cleanup with Scotch-Brite™

One of the best parts of summer is the ability to spend most of your time outdoors, basking in the shine of the sun. Unfortunately, the more summer fun you have, the more mess you’ll have too. With the following tips, tricks, and tools from Scotch-Brite™ Brand, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the most common and delicious summer messes.

person wiping a counter

1. Melted Popsicles

Popsicles. They drip all over your hands and feet, and they melt all over your table and countertops. As refreshing as popsicles can be on a hot summer day, they can also be one of the messiest ways to enjoy summer. Keep a reusable Microfiber Cloth handy, to quickly wipe away any juicy popsicle residue and keep your surfaces looking clean, again and again.

Whether your home is full of coneheads, or popsicles are preferred, an easy way to keep things clean is to pierce a muffin cup liner with the stick or cone to create a barrier that catches the drips before they catch you off guard.

person cleaning a grill with a scotch-brite scour pad

2. Grill Gunk

BBQs and summer go together like the 4th of July and fireworks. But if your grill isn’t clean, it’ll be hard to keep your food tasting good. With a Heavy Duty Scour Pad, you can easily keep your grill gunk-free all summer long. It's easy. After each cookout, wait till your grill cools, then with a bucket of warm soapy water, use --the scrub side of the scour pad to remove stuck on food. The conformable shape allows you to get in between the grill grates, and scrub clean.

person cleaning a marshmallow stick with a heavy duty scrub sponge

3. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

There’s nothing like sitting around a campfire on a summer night, telling tall tales, scary stories, and roasting marshmallows for the perfect s’more. But while it’s okay to re-use stories, it’s certainly not okay to re-use marshmallow roasting sticks that still have s’more from a time before. Scrub away these sticky stuck-on messes with a Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge. The powerful scrubber side gets the gooey burnt on marshmallow free, while the sponge side wipes away any remaining residue. This multi-purpose tool will keep your marshmallow roasting sticks clean and always ready to use so you can continue listening to stories already told and creating memories that’ll never get old.

person picking up rocks and dirt with a lint roller

4. Sands & Rocks

Whether from digging at the beach or working in your backyard garden, sand, dirt, and rocks are destined to find a way to enter your home. But there is a way to fight back without a fuss, a 50% Stickier Large Surface Lint Roller. This roller covers a larger surface area with 50% more adhesive to swiftly pick up what follows you inside from your outdoor adventures.

person picking up buttons with a lint roller

5. Crafty Cleanup

From sparkles to sprinkles, kid's summer crafts can be fun, flashy, and easily manage to find their way all over your home. But with a 50% Stickier Lint Roller you get a lint roller that goes beyond just lint and hair. You also get an excellent tool that helps keep your home clean from all the glitter-getting, sand-sticking, button-upping ways your kids stay occupied.

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