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Child messily licking and eating a cherry ice cream cone with sprinkles.

Be Prepared for Messy Spills

You may have long since graduated from collecting badges for building a campfire or cooking, but everyone should have “Be Prepared” as their motto, regardless of age. While it’s one thing to deal with messes and spills when you’re at home, it’s quite another to handle them on the go. Before you step out of your home, here are three easy ways to be prepared for possible spills wherever you are.

Purple backpack hung on a wall using a Command™ hanging hook.

1. Prepare a kit.

New moms know all about being prepared before leaving the house – their diaper bags cover every possible situation. Adopt this attitude and keep an emergency clean-up kit in your car. To temporarily tackle the mess, recycle an old reusable lunch bag or small backpack by filling it with a package of wipes, a roll of ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape, a small pair of scissors, a few elastic bands, hand sanitizer, a safety pin and a small spool of string.

Child messily licking and eating a cherry ice cream cone with sprinkles.

2. Prepare for scrubbing emergencies.

From a dropped ice cream cone in your vehicle’s back seat to a carsick puppy, there are plenty of occasions when you might need a sponge…quickly. Prepare for these mishaps by keeping a moist Scotch-Brite® Gentle Clean Scrub Sponge ready to go in a resealable plastic bag. Get in the habit of adding one to your bag whenever you leave the house so it’s fresh and available to use whenever you need it.

Infant in a car buckled into a infant safety seat fast asleep.

3. Prepare for the little things.

Think ahead and have a solution for messes before they happen. Keep the Scotch-Brite™ Lint Roller handy for crumbly treats. Make sure beverages are in spill-proof containers and fit in designated cup holders when they’re not being sipped. And if you need to transport something with the potential for a mess – like a dish for a potluck – make sure you’ve got a tight-fitting lid and place it inside of a water-proof plastic bag to make transportation as clean as possible.

A little planning can make any trip a smooth one!