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Kitchen: Cleaning Tips

There's a tool for that!

If your kitchen feels like Grand Central Station during rush hour, our tips and ideas will help you keep the trains on the tracks.

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    • Mysterious Smudges

      For all of those curious crayon marks, fingerprints, and smudges on your walls, doors, floors, the Easy Eraser is your new BFF.

    • Easy Eraser »

    • Tip

      Keep this secret weapon in your dishwashing caddy. It's perfect for easily removing stubborn food stains from counters, plus, it's super effective on stovetops.

    • Baked-On Eggs

      If your family loves scrambled eggs, omelets, (and grilled cheese!) but you hate the cleanup, keep this handy little scrubber under the sink because the eggs won't stick to this wonder tool.

    • Stay Clean Scrubber »

    • Tip

      Old wives tale? Try washing your egg pans in cold water for easier clean up.

    • Big Time Mess

      You know the drill—you turn your back for one moment and the spaghetti sauce bubbles over. No worries, there's a tool for that.

    • Heavy Duty Scour Pad »

    • Tip

      If you've hidden your cast-iron pans because they're impossible to clean, time to try again. This hard-core scour pad makes quick work of a daunting clean up.

    • Too Many Paper Towels

      Go greener with this reusable (and machine washable!) uber-absorbent wipe.

    • General Purpose Wipe »

    • Tip

      If you're planning a barbecue with meats dripping in sauce, keep a stash of these cloths on hand for keeping ahead of the mess.

    • Deep Trouble

      Don't feel like rolling up your sleeves? This long-handled brush is perfect for scrubbing messy soup pots or sticky pasta pots.

    • Pot, Pan and Dish Brush »

    • Tip

      A rose is a rose, until they wilt. Use this handy brush to clean the insides of flower vases. Then fill again with fresh buds, of course.

    • Washing Your Best Wares

      Surprise your family by setting the “good stuff.” Afterward, handwash with a sponge designed specifically for delicates.

    • Delicate Care Scrub Sponge »

    • Tip

      Use this gentle sponge to wash away those last, dried-up drops of merlot or chardonnay at the bottom of your crystal wine glasses.

Toilet Scrubber

Geeky Clean

Anatomy Lesson: Not all cleaning tools are created equal.
Learn why certain tools are the right ones for the job at hand,
such as the Toilet Scrubber.

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