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Bathroom: Schedule

Clean Bathroom Checklist
  • wipe counters with Botanical Wipes
  • toilet check for I-don't-want-to-knows
  • check mirror for streaks, splatters and drips

Tip Tip straighten towels and swap out if necessary

  • wash floors
  • wipe down toilet and don't forget the outside (hazmat suit optional)
  • scrub-a-dub the shower
  • de-scum the tub
  • wipe mirrors
  • swap out towels + bathmat
  • squeegee shower doors
  • de-gunk tile and grout
  • wipe doorknobs and areas around them for fingerprints
  • wipe switches + switch plates
  • remove soap scum
  • wipe down baseboards
  • disinfect garbage cans
  • wash cabinet fronts/cupboards/vanities
  • empty cabinets and wipe out if necessary
  • empty drawers and wipe out if necessary
  • dust corners
  • vacuum/clean wall and floor vents
  • wash shower curtain
  • wash windows + treatments
Tip Tip check expiration dates and purge expired or no-longer-used personal care products
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