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Bathroom: Cleaning Tips

There's a tool for that!

Your bathroom is your sanctuary. Leave the headaches behind
and make sure you have the right tools to maintain its inner beauty.

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    • Solution:

    • Tips:

    • Grout

      If your grout is on the verge of, well, nasty this scratch-free scrubber will keep the gunk at bay.

    • Grout Scrubber »

    • Tip

      As your bathroom's new "miracle worker," this handy little scrubber works well on tile floors—even in tight spots where fixtures meet the floor.

    • Cleaning the Curves

      Cleaning soap residue from your bathtub needn't be "all in the wrist," since this scrubber is designed to conform to your tub's natural curves.

    • Tub Scrubber »

    • Tip

      Keep a second scrubber in the laundry room for cleaning laundry tubs and utility buckets.

    • Out of Reach Spots

      No more overextending to reach the far side of a large hot tub or soaking tub. Long handle to the rescue!

    • Shower Scrubber »

    • Tip

      The long-handled shower scrubber makes it easy to clean even the highest spots of your shower stalls.

    • Soap Scum

      Spots, stains, and soap scum shouldn't stop you from enjoying a warm bath. Now there's an eraser designed specifically for tubs.

    • Tub Soap Scum Eraser »

    • Tip

      Keep a few of these on hand… the curvy design and stain-removing power works well on fixtures, too.

    • Streaked Mirrors

      Paper towels? Newspaper? Not anymore. Keep this lint-free washable cloth at hand to make those fingerprints and smudges disappear.

    • Streak-free Mirror Cloth »

    • Tip

      Pet smudges on the window of your front door? Keep one of these cloths near for quick, frequent cleanings.

Toilet Scrubber

Geeky Clean

Anatomy Lesson: Not all cleaning tools are created equal.
Learn why certain tools are the right ones for the job at hand,
such as the Toilet Scrubber.

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