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Cheat Sheet: Water


Water (aka H2O) is a key ingredient to nearly every cleaning strategy. Here’s our cheat sheet on what type of water works best for what.

Why it Works
Hot water warms fats and oils making it easier for detergent to dissolve the stains away.


Good for water-based, perspiration and tannin-based stains such as coffee, wine, juices, grease and oil.

How to use it
Pour club soda on the stain as soon as possible, and then soak up with paper towels.


It’s thought that the water’s weak acidity slows the discoloration of red wine and pet urine stains on fabric while the effervescence “lifts” them away.

How to use it
Hold an ice cube on the wax until it hardens and scrape the wax off the surface of the fabric, then wash.


Harden soft stains, such as drips of candle wax on your tablecloth, to make them easier to remove.

Why it Works
There are no mineral deposits to stain clothing or build up inside the appliances.


Use water that’s been purified of excess minerals in your steam irons and clothes steamers.

Why it Works
Hot water will “set” a protein stain into the fabric.


Works for protein stains such as milk, eggs or blood.

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